Author Topic: easiest trick to creating an Android App 4 ur website , forum, blog etc  (Read 896 times)

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    Visit this newly reviewed site  and click on the CREATE APP button.
   Kindly Fill in all the required columns with the information needed.
    - in Website URL, type in your site, forum, blog etc url and hit enter

    - in App Name type in the heading or any name of your choice (one that will make peps wanna click on it for download).
    - in Description, write the description of your application .

    - in Icon, Upload the .png file you would like to be the icon of your  application.

    - in Screen orientation, enter your so desired resolution .

    - in Category, Select the category that your application falls into.
    Now, you have to fill in the specified details or alternatively connect with Facebook to login.
    Simply click on “Test Your App” which will download the apkfile of your application. Transfer the apk file to your Android OS mobile phone/ device and Run.
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