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For a limited time only you can Download this premuim adsense site sript you can use for your internet marketing site , This premium php site script was purchased for a fee from abid of just follow this
Website Setup and Installation Guide

1. Extract the file onto your computer.

2. Using an ftp (File Transfer Protocol) program
    Upload the extracted files from your computer to your website
3. Set full permissions (CHMOD 777) on the "/includes" directory
    Set full permissions (CHMOD 777) on every file inside the "/includes" directory

4. Once all files & folders have been uploaded & permissions have been set
    Go to the script's admin area by going to
    Login using the default username ( admin ) & password ( temppass )
    Change the password to your own & setup all other settings.

5. You can add, edit, delete articles from your website just access the following folders.

    Note: Articles first line would be converted in to article title and file name.

Download it from this link while it last 'cos I will remove it soon
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