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 want to secure your account? then you should read this article.

Remember Password I:
While login to your account in Mozilla,there will be option named as "remember password " .  If you selecting that option, soon you may loose your account. (if you are using in internet cafe,certainly you will loose).  Those password can be view by h*ckers which is stored in cookies(may be plain text or encrypted form).

Remember Password II:
After you click Login button mozilla will pop up with "remember password","never to this site","not now " option.  If you are selecting "remember Password" option, certainly you will loose your account. Because when you click that option,mozilla will store the password as plain text.  So it is not big deal to h*ck your account.  h*ckers can see easily your password.

Do you want to know how to see password ? Read How to See Saved Passwords in Mozilla

Don't think that no one can see your saved passwords in your personal computer.
It is easy to steal your cookies
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Re: Are you selecting "Remember My Password"? Please read this
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you are a genus.

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Re: Are you selecting "Remember My Password"? Please read this
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Really nice info
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Re: Are you selecting "Remember My Password"? Please read this
« Reply #3 on: March 17, 2013, 03:06:41 PM »
If u are using that remember my password option, in your computer and you want to secure that password in your mozilla firefox the u have to set a master password in ur mozilla to protect it. I will leta post how you can do that.


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