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Hello OCM Readers,
we are happy to announce that we have released our second security tool 'Hash Code Verifier'.  Hash Code Verifier is a Cross-platform application to verify the Integrity of your download files. Hash Code verifier can be very useful if you want to check if a downloaded file is original and not corrupted or modified by h*ckers.

In order prevent users from such problem, websites often publish MD5 or SHA hash of the file so that users can ensue that a file has not been modified by checking the file's hash value . Hash Code verifier can generate hash for a file and allow user to check with the provided hash value.


    * Verify the Hash of a file
    * Calculate hash for multiple files
    * Compare Two files
    * Simply Drag and drop files from computer into the application for generating hash.
    * Supports MD5,SHA1,SHA256,SHA512 and CRC32 hash codes.
    * Save the generated hash list in a text/HTML format
    * Automatically generate hash when you browse or drop the files.
    * Yes, it is Cross-platform(You can use this application in any Operating system)

System Requirements:
Operating System: All OS(windows xp,7, Linux,Mac,....)
Java Runtime Environment: JRE 1.6 or higher version is required.(you can get it from

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