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MS has released an update, the Office Genuine Advantage Notifications (KB949810). The files included are now v2.0.48.0, and therefore had to update my release again.

Now, the Menu has been updated to include Uninstallers for Both WGA and OGA.

As we do not encourage pirated or illegal software, that’s why we removed links

THE RE-UPDATED CRACKnow contains original installers as well as cracks for WGA v1.9.40.0 and OGA v2.0.48.0 and has been tested with the best Anti-Virus in the market and is 100% VIRUS-FREE. So, if you trust my work, disable your anti-virus and use the crack, else do not come back complaining.Microsoft’s bad decision was to install this thing called Microsoft Genuine Advantage and it has created a lot of fuss in the computer world. Sometimes even the genuine Windows or Office products will not validate against Microsoft’s Genuine Advantage program, so here’s solution for you.
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