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free internet browsing for Globe Philippines users
« on: July 15, 2012, 06:39:52 PM »
got this from a group I belong on facebook the comments there confirmed 'twas working fine
now note this free browsing settings is for Globe Telecom network Philippines

this is a full package settings for opera mini6.5 handler you can search for it on 4shared or [nofollow]
Download any Opera handler Settings for Globe Connection Settings Use myGlobe Connect settings or
Create a manual Connection settings with the followings configuration on your phone
1.access point
Proxy: Enabled
Proxy address:
Port: 80
packet data access point:

Now in your opera 6.5 HANDLER  or any other opera put the following SETTINGS

Front query: leave  blank
Middle query: leave  blank
Back query: leave  blank
Filter: leave  blank
Add port to non-Port URL: global-4-
Remove port: uncheck the box
Proxy type: No Proxy
Proxy server:
or use this other trick that works mainly on globe prepaid
sim card
2. On your phone, Dial *143# to
subscribe for the Free Facebook promo
3. If you are done subscribing ontheir  promo you will be recieving notification from 8888, saying
>>You are now registered to free fb>>
4. Now On your browser Browse the net for free, Actualy the promo only states that its free facebook but you can actually browse any page for free as well
==>>when you reach their so called limit, just disconnect the connection and connect it again==>

Philippines users let me know if you have tried this
I live by example


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