Author Topic: How to flash dell, asus, accer , lenovo, hp bios using cd flash drive  (Read 788 times)

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I have tried this on only four computer brands using windows key + b while the computer was about booting. You can actually use this program to create a flash file that can flash hp bios, dell bios, assus , e-machines ,  gateway , accer and lenovo motherboard bios as long as the instruction is followed without missing a step.

We all know that flashing a system bios is as risky as buying a new motherboard / replacing the bios chips so I will be giving out this tutorial on demand when you have tried all other options without success ( if your bios is corrupted) you just post your pc model and specify the bios type and version your computer is running then I will teach you how to create a boot-able Iso file you can burn on your CD-rom or flash disk which can be used to update the bios.
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