Author Topic: How to setup LAN with Crossover Connection between two Windows PC (color code provided)  (Read 1585 times)

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How to setup LAN with

Crossover Connection between
two Windows PC (color code
Crossover cabling is essential if
you want to share files
between your laptop and
desktop (basically two
computers). Its very cheap to
prepare a crossover able. You
just need two RJ45 jacks, CAT5e
cable (length depends on your
requirement) and one crimping
tool. Apart from this one more
important thing is there, that is
color coding which I am going
to tell you in this article.
The process of crimping is so
simple that, if carefully
followed, a newbie can also do
this with no difficulty. Because
this is a crossover connection
(i.e. PC to PC connection, no hub
or switch is required) it is a bit
confusing than direct LAN
cabling. But, once you
understand the color coding, it
will become the easiest job in
the world. So, pay attention &
read carefully.



If you facing any difficulty
to understand these color
code or you have no idea
about cable crimping then
you can drop your comments.
Noble J Ozogbuda.

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If is too hard for u to understand, you can drop your comments for fast reply and support.


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It is too hard for me to understand

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It is too hard for me to understand
wait for oga De_light he will help when he comes online ....... or my oga at the top will
zealous for perfection

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Abdul what is confusing u?


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