Author Topic: Remove annoying watermarks from Microsoft Window 8, 7 and Lower OS.  (Read 447 times)

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As annoying as it is Microsoft did not release any official tools for us the final users of their operating  System to be able to edit watermarks on the wallpaper or active desktop of our computers after all they have a valid argument like it's a "Customer preview" & Only meant for test purpose they even make it more annoying by adding Build 6.*** and so many other watermarks like "your version of windows8 or windows 7 is not genuine bla bla.

There are already several method one can use in removing those watermarks from windows 8 or any other version of Microsoft windows including the editing of system registry , use of Resource h*cker etc. This method discussed above is best for super users who are very comfortable playing with windows registry and the like, but for every other user who I believe are vast users of my blog can spare yourself of this stress by downloading this little application that automates every thing for you.

With this very little Software (500~kb) You can remove all the watermarks with a single mouse click and in matter of  seconds. Just click here to initialize the download -- click on "remove all watermarks" or simply edit the fields and click on save
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