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Are you searching for Facebook or gmail h*cking Software?  if your answer is yes,  you come to the right place.

You may read  somewhere else as "use this h*cking software to h*ck facebook accounts". And some h*cking blogs has some post like this with procedure:

    Download this software
    Run the application.
    Enter your email id and password
    Enter your victim email id.
    That's all your friend account is h*cked.

 Some h*cking bloggers also mentioned Bruteforcer for Facebook.  if you enter the email id, it will h*ck the email.

First of all , let me ask one question " Do you think facebook is f****ng stupids?"  .  Do you think it is possible to h*ck any accounts within a minute using these kind of softwares?(Innocence).

The truth is that you are being h*cked.  You realized that?
Don't be a n00b, think like a Security Expert.
Then what is Facebook h*cking softwares?

    There is no Such software that will h*ck Facebook accounts , if you give email id simply.  They are fake softwares

n00b: Hey BreakTheSec, i saw Facebook h*cking software article in top h*ckers sites.  Do you think you are better than them?
BreakTheSec: No , i am not better than them.  Because I am publishing the truth behind the Facebook h*cking Software!  You still believe those software? then try it yourself.  I am not going to stop you.

What is the Aim of these Kind of h*cking Facebook password softwares?
This kind of fake softwares are created by h*ckers to trick n00b h*ckers.  If the n00b download and run the application, it may launch some malicious programs (spyware,trojans,..).   

Trojans leads to dead of your computer.  But most of h*ckers won't do this stupid thing.  They use spyware to steal your confidential data instead.

n00b: BreakTheSec. you are right, my system is infected by some kind of spyware.
BreakTheSec: that's what i said.
 n00b: but  how h*ckers h*ck Facebook account passwords?
BreakTheSec: There are some other ways to h*ck the Facebook passwords. Let me explain what they are.

Method 1:Phishing Webpage
Phishing webpage is traditional way of h*cking accounts.  Old is Gold!!  Learn about Phishing webpage here: How to h*ck Facebook Passwords?

Method 2: Keyloggers
Keylogger is spyware that will capture each key strokes in keyboard.  So , if the victim type the id and passwords, it will be captured and mailed to you.
Know about

    * softwareKeyloggers.
    * Hardware Keyloggers
    * Email Account h*cking
    * h*cking facebook passwords using Firesheep

Are you still searching for Facebook password h*cking Software?!!
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