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New iPad / iPad 3: Everything You Need To Know
« on: May 24, 2012, 02:27:01 PM »
-   The new iPad went on sale
today, so we caught up with
those fans who were first to
get their hands on the latest
Apple tablet
New iPad / iPad 3 Screen
The new iPad features a
stunning 9.7in Retina display
with a resolution of 2,048 x
1,536. Individual pixels are
indistinguishable and everything
is razor-sharp. The only
disadvantage is that because of
its square-ish aspect ratio you
still get large black bars when
watching movies or TV shows.
New iPad / iPad 3 Size
Apple’s iPad 3 is just a little
thicker and heavier than the iPad
2, but otherwise dimensions
remain identical.
New iPad / iPad 3 Specs
The new tablet sports a dual-core
A5X processor with four GPU
cores. It effortlessly pushes
games at the screen’s incredible
New iPad / iPad 3 Camera
The front camera is a marginally
improved VGA shooter but the
rear camera is now a 5
megapixel model with autofocus
that can shoot 1080p at 30fps.
It’s called iSight. Only an LED flash
is lacking.
New iPad / iPad 3 Connectivity
There’s still no SD card slot, HDMI
video output or USB; the iPad 3
has the same 30-pin dock
connector found on the iPad 2.
In other words, every Android
tablet out there offers easier
connectivity. Of course, there are
a boatload of peripherals for
Apple's tablet.
New iPad / iPad 3 Software
The iPad 3 runs iOS 5 and all the
standard apps have been
rehashed, refreshed or
completely overhauled to make
the most of that lovely screen
zealous for perfection


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