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« on: October 25, 2013, 05:44:49 PM »
Hey all!

I'm juststeven and I'm new to obasimvilla. :) A little bit about me? Well, I'm a teenage webmaster, writer and gamer. I've been running forums for around 5 years now and been a forum user for around 6 years. I recently launched my latest site, PromoBB. As to writing, I've had my poetry published on multiple occasions and also self-sell some poetry e-books. I'm looking to expand into story writing as well with upcoming stories like The Life of Sam (a fictional character who gets bullied), The Winged Children (a fan-book for Maximum Ride) and a untitled book about a spy called Danny. As for gaming, I used to be in some reasonably large Call of Duty trickshotting clans but now I only play for fun. For your information, I'm also from England. Anyway that's enough about me! The bottom line is I'm new to this so hello. :P

~Hey I'm juststeven; a teenage webmaster, gamer and published writer! :)~


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