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Medical Experts revealed today that the number of men
suffering painful testicular problems is on the
rise because of tight jeans.
Doctors, including top TV doctor Hilary Jones,
have reported an increase in injuries being
caused by the jeans, which are favoured by
celebrities like Russell Brand, Jude Law and Joey
Low Fluid count and fungal infections are also
being put down to the tight-fitting jeans.
Dr Jones, who is working with TENA on a project
to highlight the dangers, said: ‘I have seen
several cases of men who have twisted their
testicles due to wearing jeans that are far too
‘My advice would be to make sure you leave
plenty of room around the groin area and that
your pants and trousers feel comfortable so
you’re not being restricted in any way.
‘Men who wear tight or ill-fitting trousers or
underwear which is restrictive around the groin
area could be damaging their health.
Twisted testicles
Bladder weakness
Urinary tract infections
Low Fluid count
Fungal infection
‘Wearing tight-fitting clothing over a prolonged
period of time can lead to urinary tract infections
leading to over-activity of the bladder - a type of
bladder weakness as well as a low Fluid count
and fungal infections.
‘Please don’t put style before health.’
Twisted testicles occur when tight trousers
prevent the spermatic cord from moving freely,
meaning it twists and leads to testicular torsion
which cuts off the blood supply requiring
immediate surgery to prevent a gangrenous
Tight-fitting jeans around the groin area can put
additional pressure on the bladder but can also
lead to bacteria breeding and re-entering the
body causing urinary tract infections.
This increases the need to urinate more
frequently and can cause severe pain.
Dr Hilary’s warning comes as a study of 2,000
British men conducted by TENA Men revealed
one in 10 men have experienced an unpleasant
side-effect as a result of wearing skinny jeans.
Of those men suffering from wearing skinny
jeans, half had experienced groin discomfort,
over a quarter had bladder troubles while one in
five suffered a twisted testicle.
Worryingly, one in four regularly squeeze into
jeans- with the biggest reasons given for
enduring tightness being ‘to show I can still fit in
them’ and ‘because they look good.’
In fact, three in 10 has suff'ered discomfort from
tight jeans and forty per cent of men admit they
sometimes sacrifice comfort over style sourced from
Wisdom pays! Be wise!


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