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Microsoft Office Mobile Pictured, Coming To iOS, Android
« on: November 07, 2012, 05:12:57 PM »
Ever since a picture surfaced this past February, apparently showing an iPad running a copy of Microsoft Office, we’ve been wondering in earnest when we might get the full scoop on Microsoft’s plans for a cross-platform release of its Office suite. In the months that followed, we found ourselves at a loss for any new evidence, though some recent rumors have attempted to paint a general picture of when the software could launch, looking to releases in the spring of next year. As we wait to see if any of that pans out, some new screenshots of Office Mobile have leaked.

These images of the iOS version of Office Mobile seem to imply that the individual Office apps will be available separately, and not just as one packaged suite. According to The Verge, which acquired the pics, the apps will be available as free versions for the viewing of Office docs, but require a subscription to enable editing functionality. Once again, rumors look to a release sometime in early 2013.

Unfortunately, what we’re hearing doesn’t paint these Office Mobile apps as being too feature-packed, and current claims suggest that they won’t do much to replace the use of the full-fledged PC-based Office suite.src
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