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1. Clean the dust from Inside and all littered parts of your Toshiba
laptop, better still, use some filterd air material and trigger
some Cold air inside the vents of the laptop. Most people find it hard to Open the motherboard
and rotating panels of their laptops , If you have never done
this for some period of years, you will likely have to Dis-
assemble your Toshiba laptop to
have full access into the motor engine, other parts and be able to clean it out.

2. Next, get a laptop cooler for toshiba, make sure to get the
right one for your toshiba laptop
so that you can archieve to get
the best results out because it varies since all laptops Varies in
Names, Version, Sizes etc.

3.Go through the undervolt meter panel of your cpu. Depending on what cpu it is based on the laptop model, the
software used will vary in versions, but undervolting your
cpu can lower cpu heat rate and increase your toshiba laptop battery lifespam , Better still you can run a battery plan
that does thave the minimum cpu speed rate at 100%, so it
will auto lower the clock speed when not needed to help
prevent the rotating fan inside the cpu to increase it working
temperature, and als6 force it to run slower normal to reduce

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