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credit goes to a friend's blog I follow who just posted on his blog not long ago --
1. Double Click And Drag :- like most people, when you want to move a section of text from one place to another, you use Control X to cut and Control V to paste. That's fine, It works. But there's a faster way: Just Highlight the Text or Image you want to move, then simply drag what you've highlighted to where you want it to land.

2. Double Underline You know you can affect text by hitting Control-B to make it bold or Control-U to underline. But if one line of underlining just isn't emphatic enough, Control-Shift-D will double underline it and make it look like a Note, Guess you remember those days when we do copy note with a double underline under the Heading. (On a Mac, use Command-Shift-D.) If that doesn't make your point, you may have to go to ALL CAPS, and I've got a shortcut for that too?

3. Change Case Instead of retyping everything to change from lower case to UPPERCASE, just highlight the text you want to change, click the case button, and then choose which case you want.

4. Adding Buttons to Your Toolbar Suppose you just tried using shortcut #3, but the case button isn't on your toolbar, no worries; you can add it (and almost any other command). Go to View, Toolbars, Customize Toolbars, Commands, then scroll to find the command you want ? and drag it to where on the toolbar you want it.

5. Add the Date How many times a day do you type the date? If you do it even once, that's too much. Next time, just hit Alt-Shift-D (or Control-Shift -D on a Mac) to add the date automatically.

6. Quick Parts: This next tip builds on what the Autotext function did in older versions of Word: If you have a certain paragraph of text you regularly need to add to a document ? like a boilerplate disclaimer, or maybe directions to your office ? turn it into a Quick Part. Here's how:

Quick Parts 1. Highlight the text you regularly use
2. Click the insert tab
3. Hit Quick Parts, and choose "Save Selection To The Quick Part Gallery" Now any time you want to insert that chunk of text into a document, either a new one or and old one you're editing, just hit that Quick Parts button. Just one more click will select which saved Quick Part to insert. This trick will even work as a shortcut for adding a logo or letterhead.


Shortcuts always makes the work easy.
I didn't know about these shortcuts. Thanx for the valuable info, its very vital for microsoft users.....


New Techie
Awesome, thanks for these shortcuts... do you know if they all work in Windows 8? I'm glad their for Microsoft Word as that has to be the best word processor there is currently available to use on computers. You can to a multitude of tasks on it and as a writer the synonym tool is just perfect when I can't think of any more advanced vocabulary to include in my stories and it also fixes any spelling and grammar mistakes I make. Anyway... once again, thanks for the shortcuts. :)