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A Relentless Pursuit for LoveA Relentless Pursuit for Love Novel Synopsis

“Let’s get a divorce.”

They had been married for three years yet nothing had changed.
He was cold as he enunciated each word. Each frigid word was delivered without a hint of warmth in his voice.
Sage stood behind Jace Yuriel, and her eyes were fixed on his back. Catching a glimpse of his cold, hard, expressionless face, Sage felt her heart sink.

With her fists clenched tightly, Sage trembled.
The day she had dreaded had finally arrived.
He turned around, and Sage saw his face. It was a perfectly sculpted, distinctive face.
He still took her breath away, despite standing next to him for three years.

“Can we… not get a divorce?”
Sage uttered the words with all the strength that was left in her as she looked at Jace with a glint of hope in her eyes.
Furrowing his brows, Jace glanced over to look at her face. His brows furrowed deeper at the sight of her red-rimmed eyes.
Sage still looked gorgeous even without her makeup.

She had clear, fair skin and was never the type to cake on makeup. Sage was pretty in a sweet and soft kind of way.

Sage pleaded with him, as she stared beseechingly at him with her big, clear eyes.

With tears staining the corner of her right eye and her long hair tucked behind her ears, she looked guileless.
However, in Jace’s eyes, Sage was a soft but dull woman.
As his wife, Sage was perfect, but he did not love her.
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