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Advice! How people Used Original Domain Address for Phishing Web page


you may have known about how to create phishing web Page.  If you don't know about Phishing Web Page, you need to read this tutorials first:
        Different Types of Email account
        How To Create fake or phishing web page
Once you know the basics of Phishing web Page ,come to this post.

    *    Wamp server
    *    Install WinRar

Ok friends, there's one drawback in our traditional Phishing web page method. You know what is it? You are right, the url of our phishing web page. It may look like the real one,but it is not.

For eg: we may create the Phishing web page with www.gmails.com but it's not at all same as www.gmail.com

Probably, the experienced internet users will notice the URL of web Page. So they won't fall in our Fishnet.

What we are going to do now?
Why should not we make the phishing web page's URL looks exactly same as the real Domain Name? You may ask "is it possible?". My answer is yes, you can. It sounds good na? go ahead.

How we are going to implement?
We are going to send an email with an executable to victim.
If the victim double click the executable file, then you are done.
Now whenever the victim enter the real domain name (like www.facebook.com) ,he will be in our phishing web page.
Don't worry the domain name is original URL(like www.facebook.com)

Got surprised....!!!! You may ask how this is done,go ahead.

How it is done?
  Executable file will change the Host file of Victim system.
What is host file?
    The host file contains Domain Name and IP address associated with them.  Your host file will be in this path:

Whenever we enter the Domain name or URL (for eg: www.webaddress.com), a query will be send to the DNS (Domain Name server).  This DNS connect to the IP address which is associated with the Domain Name.  But before this to be done, the host file in our system will check for the IP address associated with the Domain Name.  Suppose we make an entry with Domain Name and IP address of our phishing web page(for  eg: www.webaddress.com wiht our ip 123.23.X.X),then there's no query will be send to the DNS.
It will automatically connect to the IP address associated with the Domain Name.  This will fruitful for us to mask the PHISHING web page's URL with Original Domain Name.

Now Let's divide into the Implementation:

    * If you are hosting some other hosting site, probably you won't get the unique IP address for your Phishing Web Page. You can have the IP Address of the hosting only. So if you try to use that IP address, the victim will not bring to your Phishing web page , they will bring to the hosting address.

So what you can do overcome this problem? You need to set up your own Webserver in home. Using Webserver softwares you can set up your own Hosting service.

  Your computer should be turned on always. Because if you turned off the computer,then probably host will not be in online. Again it will be available when you turned on. So your computer turned on when victim visits your site.

How To set up Your own server?
  Download the  Webserver softwares like WAMP,XAMP(Both are open source software, I meant they are free ).  My suggestion is WAMP.  Because it is my favorite one.  It is easy to use.

Downlad the wamp server from http://www.wampserver.com/

Install the WAMP server.  After installation completed, Go to this folder path:


And paste your phishing web page here.

Start the Wamp Server.
(Start->windows->All Programs->Wamp Server->start wamp server)

you can see the half circle icon(wamp server icon) in system tray(i mean near to the time). Click the icon and select the start all services.

Now type your ip address in address bar of the web browser and hit enter. If you don't know your ip address ,visit www.whatismyip.com.

Now you can see your Phishing web page in your Browser.

Modifying the Host file :
Copy the Host file from this path "C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc" to desktop.  Right click on the host file and open with Notepad.

You can see the localhost entry there.
Below that type as :
your_ip    domain_name
For eg:
123.xx.xx.xx www.gmail.com
Save the File.

Compress the Host File:

    Compress hosts file such that when victim opens it, it automatically gets copied to default
location C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc and victim's hosts file get replaced by our modified hosts file.

Right click on the Hosts file and select the Add to archieve option.  Now follow the steps which is shown in picture:

Now send the zipped file to victim.  If he extract the zip file, then the hosts file will be replaced.
You are done.  Now whenever he try to visit the genuine or original website, the phishing webpage only will be shown.

Some Disadvantages of this h*ck:

    *    If your IP address is dynamically changed ,then it is hard to implement it
    *  If your victim is advanced user,he may notice the certificates of site which is shown by browser.

Don't worry it is not at all big problem.  Just try it ane enjoy it.

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