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Amazon Cloud Player for iPhone Finally Arrives


The most-awaited arrival of Amazon Cloud Player on iPhone cannot go without a bang. Now, interested Amazon Cloud users can avail of unlimited space for their music files with no additional charge. All they have to do is purchase any premium storage plan?the cheapest of which is only $20.00/year. And this offer is for a limited time only!

Before you proceed, though, to the iTunes App Store, here is a recap of what the Amazon Cloud Player has to offer.

Amazon Cloud Player in a Nutshell

A year ago when it was launched, the Amazon Cloud Player became the music partner for Android devices, and even desktops. It runs on a Cloud Drive, which is basically a digital memory locker that enables the Cloud Player to store from 5GB of any type of music file for free up to 1 terabyte by subscription. It also provided users who availed cheaper plans an alternative to increase their storage by one gigabyte per year for only a dollar.

What?s amazing with the Amazon Cloud Player is that you can save thousands of songs without consuming memory space from your SD card. Furthermore, the streaming capability enables users to take the entire music collection with them anywhere they go.

How the Amazon Cloud Player Works

Users can load thousands of songs onto their Amazon Cloud Player. These songs are saved on the Cloud Drive, and will not take up space from the desktop or the Android device data memory storage. Users can stream these songs online and change them as often as needed without being lost on hundreds of folders with music files.

?The Amazon Experience? will not be complete without the privilege of purchasing albums directly from Amazon. Music files and albums can easily be transferred to the Cloud Drive. Users also have an option to log in to the Cloud Player online using any computer connected to the web, and download the songs right then and there.

Amazon Cloud Player for iPhone and iPad

Unlike the Cloud Player for Android devices and desktops, the Amazon Cloud Player for iPhone and iPad does not allow purchasing music at Amazon directly from this app. Users are expected to open the Amazon website separately, purchase songs, include them on the Cloud Drive and until then, stream the songs for listening. What compensates for the lack of this feature is that the interface is sleek, user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Using the storage. In addition, users can, in a snap, switch between tabs for ?Cloud? and ?Device? if they need to pull up the playlists on each storage device. The files are sorted through Categories?by Playlist, by Artist, by Album, by Songs and by Genre?so that users can easily locate their files.

Interface. Almost similar to the iTunes interface, playback, pause, stop and other controls are located at the bottom. Once a song is ?tapped? to play, the Now Playing screen pulls up. Album arts can be seen on the Now Playing mode.

Offline settings. Consistent with the web-based and Android application, Amazon Cloud Player for iPhone and iPad permits files on the Cloud drive to be downloaded and played offline. By just signing up on an Amazon account, users can listen to tracks with their iPhone app.

Rates. Almost the same rates apply for the packages offered by Amazon. With so many ardent fans and users of iPhone and iPads, this surely is a fresh way for them to play songs and watch videos. The fun part is, they can experience it for free!

There?s nothing groundbreaking or earth-shattering with the Cloud Player app actually. However, this provides iPhone and iPad users a new experience of compiling good music without worrying about limited storage on their devices.

Jay Manangan is a marketing consultant for Repair Labs. An industry-recognized specialist in Laptops, HD camcorder, Gaming Consoles, LG, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, iPhone and iPad accessories as well as iPad and Iphone Repair.