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An effective way to convert OLM file to PST - Windows, Linux and Mac.


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Well, if you are a Mac user and try to share your OLM file with a Windows user, it is next to impossible to share an OLM file with the Windows user until you convert it. But have you ever considered how you might go about converting OLM files? Well, if you want to convert the OLM file you can convert OLM file by using the manual method

Now let's check how to convert OLM files manually.
Method 1: Copy Messages from Outlook on a Mac to Outlook on a PC

Emails can be exported from Outlook for Mac to EML format, which can then be imported into Outlook on Windows. To accomplish this, drag and drop the emails from Mac Outlook's mailbox folders to a local folder on the system storage media. Following are the steps:

Step: 01) Select the messages you want to convert to PST format in Outlook on Mac by opening them.
Step: 02) Drag and drop a few selected messages from Mac Outlook to a new folder you've created on your desktop.
Step: 03) EML format is used to store the messages. Transfer these emails to an external drive, then connect the drive to your Windows computer.
Step: 04) Create a new folder in the Outlook inbox after launching Outlook on Windows.
Step: 05) Drag and drop the EML-formatted messages to the newly formed folder in Outlook for Windows from the external device.

Method 2: Connect Windows Outlook and Mac Outlook
With this approach, you log into Outlook for Windows with the same account that you use to access Outlook for Mac. All emails are synced from the mailbox server to Outlook on Windows after logging in.

Once the sync is complete, you may convert the emails to PST format in Outlook for Windows by launching the Outlook Import/Export Wizard. the PST file into your Outlook account.

But using the manual method is not that easy because it comes with certain limitations.
- You cannot convert OLM files in bulk.
- The chances of data loss increase.
- This is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process.
- To execute the manual method, you must have technical knowledge.

So, now the question arises: is there any way to convert OLM files?
The answer is yes, you can convert OLM files by using a professional method like Data Recovery Freeware OLM Converter Pro. This amazing tool helps to convert the OLM files without any limitations or file size issues. This amazing tool helps to convert the OLM file into different file formats, like PST, MSG, MBOX, EML, and many others. However, this tool helps to convert single and multiple OLM files in bulk.

Step by Step Guide of this tool
- First, download and install the OLM Converter on your computer.
- Then select the OLM file to convert
- After, selecting the OLM file select the mail from wizard.
- Now, choose the file format from the drop down list in which you want to convert.
- Once, you select the file format, choose the path where you want to save the resultant file.
- Lastly, click on the convert button to start the conversion process.
The finest software available on the market for converting an OLM file to a PST is called OSTtoPSTAPP OLM to PST Converter. This program converts an OLM file to an Outlook PST file. Additionally, a preview of your email is provided before conversion using this OLM to PST Converter.

To convert your OLM file to PST, you only need to complete 7 steps.
  • Download and launch the application.
  • To choose the file, pick "Browse" from the menu. If the location is unknown, utilise the Find option.
  • Start the scanning procedure by clicking "Convert."
  • Within the tool, you can view the OLM file's preview.
  • Click "Save Converted Mailbox" at this point.
  • Click "Next" after choosing the preferred format, then "Browse the destination" and "OK."


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ToolsBaer OLM to PST Conversion Tool is needed when you have to move your emails from Mac Outlook .olm to Windows Outlook .pst file format. Or anytime you require OLM files to read in Windows Outlook. It means that OLM files can’t be read by Outlook for Windows or any other app in Windows. This tool helps to switch a huge size OLM file to PST format without any difficulty. This application helps to convert a huge size OLM file to PST format without any inconvenience. This tool comes with many advanced features like Selective Conversion, preview, free demo version, etc.