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Auctioned Mates RevengeAuctioned Mates Revenge Novel Synopsis

I used to be a normal werewolf with a family.
My mother and father were the luna and alpha of the Fluorite pack. They were sweet and loving.
I couldn’t have asked for better parents. My younger sister, Angelia, and I were happy together and as close as two sisters could be.

The Fluorite pack was the size of a small city, but we were wealthy because of the precious stones
we mined and the flowers that grew in abundance that we supplied to jewelry, cosmetic, and medical companies from other packs.

Because the pack was so small, we spent a lot of time helping around the pack.
We didn’t have amusement parks or anything, so Angelia and I were young we collected gems in the rivers and spent our days playing tag in the meadows.
Our parents would watch us from the back of our house until it was time or lunch.
After dinner, we’d cuddle up around the fire and they would tell us stories about the great alphas and the way our current society came to be.

I could never have guessed that I would barely get sixteen years of that happiness.
Angelia and I had been in the garden, planning a prank for our parents’ 20th-anniversary party that night.
Something about a terrible poem our Dad had written when he was eighteen. It was supposed to be sweet and funny.
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