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Avoid ReleaseWire; It's Useless for Press Release Distribution


Active Techie
"curiosity killed the cat," they said! I was a victim of such experimentation when I decided to try out releasewire.com instead of einpresswire.com that has always been my "go to guys" for Press Release Distribution.

I was still waiting for the day the press release would be distributed until I got the message below from Ahrefs.

And that was it, $49 gone for nothing! No single distribution to journalists, blogs, web 2.0 or even the crappiest of websites on the internet. 

I reached out to the ReleaseWire guys to know when they would be sending out the press content as the whole thing was no longer making sense to me. So far, no response from them and the analytics from their dashboard isn't any different from what Ahrefs is showing.

So if you are serious about distributing your press content with an honest press release distribution company, avoid ReleaseWire at all cost. They are useless for press release distribution and offers no refund to customers.


Note: The other mentions were from the blogs I contacted (via personal outreach) to publish the press content.

Update: I got some minor coverage after a week, but not like I used to get with other press release distribution services. A handful of websites published the press content.