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Business Social Connect # Drop ur 2g0, bb pin, whatsapp etc. here


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This thread will be used by any body who wants his social networks and chat media  [username]  to go public.

Any body can connect with you [ this will help you connect with I.T. minded  persons] for any reason of their choice.

All media username / profile is welcomed [if you are dropping email address make sure you replace the @ with [at] to avoid spammers stealing your email address] viz: 2go , whatsapp, google hangout, gtalk, yahoo messenger, facebook, bb pin, kik messenger, mxit and etc .

While dropping your username or social profile please  make your rules clear eg. Most of us here are simply professionals and as such wouldn't be offering free services when contacted privately. So make this clear by putting a statement like " I am Mr John Kambull Residing in the U.S you can connect with me via xxxx & yyyy. I will be willing to offer you support on network security when contacted "    etc.

Lets start the fun please let's keep this thread as decent as possible.