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Chapters 1019 to 1022 of No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chinese Novel

Hey, guys! This is not a PDF kind of share (as I have already uploaded the No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chinese Novel PDFs), but sharing the texts of these lovely chapters with you all. You can use the main post for all discussion on the No. 1 Supreme Warrior Novel Story:

Chapter 1019​

Tao Lambert shouted angrily.

Louis Freeman also gritted his teeth and yelled at Jack.

“And my daughter’s death can be avenged today!”

However, the column on the side was always present, but his face sank, and he asked Dylan and Jaxon, “What’s the matter? Why are there so many people? Didn’t you say that there were not many people in their family?” Looks like this, it seems that there are other people here!”

“Damn, what? Why are several of the Gods of War here?”

Someone quickly recognized Ethan Hays and others, and their expressions were shocked for an instant.

After all, there are a lot of them here, but there are only four or five of them who are demi-god status whose power is comparable to a God of War.

And these Gods of War are not just real powerhouses, but they are at the top tier of demi-god status, and they have extremely proficient combat experience.

Under such circumstances, the strongest person the Lamberts have is no match for anyone here. Moreover, there are so many more people on Jack’s side now, and they don’t know how effective these others are.

They thought there were only a few people here, but now it seems that there are five or six hundred people.

At this time Lana had already removed her mask as she no longer worried about exposing her identity.

After Dylan looked at Lana carefully, he finally recognized her, and then exclaimed: “That… That is the Goddess of War Lana Zechs…”

He was so wary now. He thought they had the upper hand. But now there were several Gods of War! What kind of people did he offend?

Jack gave a cold smile and waved his hand: “You’ve come at just the right time. I was just thinking about when I would go to find you and then come and deliver yourself to my doorstop. Once I have dealt with you then I can go back and find a cure for Fernando.”

Suddenly, Ethan, Abner and others flew in all directions and surrounded the Lambert group. They were afraid that they would run away.

“Damn it, Dylan, Jaxon, you said that Jack was someone who was only in the lower tiers of demi-god status. Yet there are others here, even Gods of War!”

Seeing this unfold, Louis Freeman was so angry that he almost spat blood. He thought he would win without any trouble when he and others came. But he never thought that there were so many Gods of War and so many strong men here.

After thinking about it, at last Charles gave a smile and arched his hands to the crowd. “You guys, we are just here to settle our disputes with Jack. You people outside his family don’t need to get involved, do you? I hope that you other families, as well as the Gods of War, will not interfere in this matter!”

Louis Freeman also advised: “Our two families are big families in Gin City. If you are involved in this, you are against our two big families. You have to think about it!”

“Hah! I’m sorry. Jack is the master of us, the nine Gods of War. Do you think we will not step in on his affairs?” Abner chuckled. He was standing there with a terrifying aura.

“Jack, your master?” Hearing this, Charles’ face dropped and he wondered if he had heard it wrong.

Before that, the old man with the seven-star hotel also laughed! “The Supreme Warrior, he has made such a great contribution to Daxia. I will help you today as well!”

“Supreme Warrior!” Charles gasped completely speechless. Jack, is he the Supreme Warrior?

Chapter 1020​

“How is it possible? He is so young, is he actually The Supreme Warrior?”

Dylan’s face turned white, and he kept shaking his head, ‘No I can believe this is true.’

However, these Gods of War in front of him were previously announced by officials, and he was familiar with the appearance of these people.

Therefore, it should be impossible for these Gods of War to lie to them. Jack in front of him is really Supreme Warrior, really their master.

“The one we offended is actually the Supreme Warrior?”

Jaxon was also dumbfounded. If he knew that Jack was the Supreme Warrior, he would not let his parents come to help the Wagner family get revenge. Unfortunately, it was too late now.

“Kill them!”

Jack waved his hand without mercy and gave the order.

He knew very well that these two families were both big families, and those who came here today are also the real powerhouses in the family. If he doesn’t kill them today, He’s afraid they will become hidden dangers in the future.

Of course, if these people are killed, these two clan forces will basically have no chance to stand up again. Without the powerhouses of the demi-god realm, and without the powerhouses of so many high-level masters, they will be left defenseless. Those people who are left have little resistance.

The eight Gods of War were fast, one by one, they rushed down in a flash, and after a few consecutive sword auras, they directly killed nearly a hundred people.

A strong man, in the demi-god realm, of the Lambert family flew directly out, intending to escape.

However, soon he frowned and felt an incomparably powerful energy fluctuation, which was very fast and came straight to his back.

The powerhouses immediately turned their heads and looked back, and their faces paled with fright. An aura of almost ten feet long actually appeared, and it was in front of him in a flash.

“No!” The old man yelled and immediately exploded by the force of the aura attack, and pieces of meat fell from the air.

“No! An aura attack from the body? This, isn’t it possible for someone in the demi-god realm to be able to use!?”

Another demi-god realm master was also preparing to fly away, looking for opportunities suitable to leave.

When he saw this scene, his face turned white in fright, and he became desperate. This God of War was already a powerhouse of the god realm. Although this cultivation level seems to be like the early tiers of the god realm. Even if they all would attack him it would not be easy to kill him.

A huge roar sounded, and people who came from Gin City were beheaded and fell into a pool of blood.

Chapter 1021​

“What!?” Tao Lambert roared. He flipped a big knife and rushed directly at Jack.

It’s a pity that he didn’t even have a chance to get close as he was directly beheaded by the sword aura of Ethan next to him.

More than a thousand strong men had been beheaded after fighting for less than ten minutes.

But Jack’s people only paid the price of a few people, and when more than a dozen people were injured, they won a full victory.

“This makes me happy, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a big battle!”

An old man from a first-class family couldn’t help laughing.

“It’s not too early. They should have a lot of trophies on them. Some weapons and other things are not bad. Everyone counts the trophies, divides the things, and can go out for lunch!”

Everyone was a little excited after hearing that. These are all high-level people of powerful families. The money and weapons on their bodies are immensely valuable. Such trophies are enough to make many people jealous.

After the corpses were processed and the grounds cleaned, everyone drove directly to the seven-star hotel.

At this time, at the location of the White family, the Ninth Petronum Brenton came to the eldest lady Lily again.

“How’s it going? It’s been several days now? Haven’t found Jack and the others? Can’t kill them yet?”

Without news of Jack and Joan, Lily’s heart couldn’t settle down.

Her son, Lance, hasn’t been found until now, and she doesn’t know whether he’s dead or alive. If this is dragged on and Jack comes back, she’s afraid the position of the heir to the head of the family would become Jack’s.

Moreover, Nash’s illness is getting more and more serious now, and the voice in the family for choosing the heir to the head of the family is also getting louder and louder.

Brenton in front of him also sighed: “We knew that Jack and others had left Eastfield. We immediately sent people to guard on the only way to the White family. Once we saw them, we would kill them.

Brenton paused before continuing: “But, it’s been several days. According to reason, if they really came to the White’s house, they should have appeared long ago. However, there is still no trace!”

“Didn’t you say that Jack has offended some powerful force in Gin City, so he left?”

Lily frowned and began to think: “If it is true that Jack and others offended someone powerful and had no intentions of coming to the White’s house to ask for asylum, then there is only one possibility. They continued to hide, and found a desolate place where no one is inhabiting.”

Brenton nodded his head: “If this is the case, that is quite a good thing. He probably still hates Nash, so he doesn’t want to come back and inherit the White Family’s property. If that’s the case, then it’s a good thing for us!”

But soon Brenton frowned again: “But, if Jack doesn’t inherit, and Master Lance can’t be found, or if he’s really dead, then what do we do? Nash looks like he shouldn’t live long!”

“He won’t die, my son, he will definitely not die, he must be alive!”

Lily shook his head, and then said again: “Even if I can’t find my son, I can’t let this Jack be the heir, even if it’s the other elders of the White family. If my son is to be the heir, then Jack cannot be allowed to be the heir!”

Brenton nodded, and finally looked at Lily again: “Madam, many days have passed. Jack hasn’t come yet, I guess he won’t come to the White’s house. I will have my people withdraw, they have already started complaining. They have been eating and sleeping every day. After waiting for so many days, they have not seen Jack!”

Lily was silent for a moment and finally said: “Okay, call them all to withdraw tomorrow morning. But I have to ask some people to go outside to find out about Jack’s whereabouts.”

Chapter 1022​

After Brenton heard it, he nodded. He knew very well in his heart that unless Lance had been found and returned to the White family and successfully became the heir of the family, Lily would definitely not feel at ease.

Of course, he, Brenton, naturally wanted to find Jack and kill him, otherwise, if the things he did in the past were revealed, it would be of no benefit to him.

After all, the people of the White family still respect Nash very much, and they are obedient to his words.

After Brenton left, David White, the third elder of the White family, quickly came to Lily’s room.

“Hey, I still didn’t find Lance and the others!”

After David entered the door, he looked at Lily, and when he sat down, he couldn’t help sighing.

Every time he comes over, he will have his two apprentices guard outside the yard so he can come here to have a private meeting with Lily, it is quite safe, basically no one knows the private relationship between him and Lily.

Moreover, because it was Lily and Nash who gave him full responsibility for finding Lance and others, he would come here from time to time to report to Lily.

After listening to Lily, she couldn’t help sighing, her face a little unsightly.

“Baby, don’t worry, I’ve already figured it out. Nash will probably only live for less than two months. If Lance can’t be found by then, we’ll either find Jack and kill him, if Jack is dead, before Nash’s death, we will attack the Great Elder and kill him!”

The third elder smiled, and then said: “After all, in the White family he is now the highest and most powerful person in line, as long as you kill him, who would dare to disagree with me when that time comes? Let me be the head of the , that’s it!”

“You what?”

Lily’s face was slightly unsightly. At first, the Third Elder discussed with her and asked her to secretly poison Nash. After Nash died, her son could be the head of the family.

Lily discovered that Nash had already planned to retrieve Jack and Joan, this is what Lily could not tolerate the most.

Unexpectedly, now that David guy actually said that if Nash died and Lance could not be found, he would be the Master of the family. Lily naturally felt a little unhappy.

She even had to wonder if David originally wanted to be the Master.

David smiled bitterly, and then he took two steps forward and put his arms around Lily and said, “Also, baby, as you know, I am quite old. I have absolutely no interest in this Master's position, but it must not fall into the hands of others. Even if it does not fall into the hands of the bastard, it cannot fall into the hands of other White family members!”

At this point, David paused before continuing: “Think about it, if the position of the Master falls into my hands, we will find Lance in the future, and when he comes back, I will give him the Master position. Isn’t it all right?”

“You said it. Is it true?”

Looking at the guy in front of him, who was a dozen years older than herself, Lily frowned and heaved a sigh of relief.

“Of course it’s true, as long as I find Lance in the future, I will let him. After all, I am not interested in the position of the head of the house. I am interested in you, baby!”