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Divorced, Now A Hidden Billionaire Heiress Novel PDF Download/Reading Online

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Divorced, Now A Hidden Billionaire HeiressDivorced, Now A Hidden Billionaire Heiress Novel Synopsis

"Divorce papers? Seriously?" James scoffed, his disbelief turning to indignation.
"You must be out of your mind to think I'll continue this marriage with you," Clara spat, her eyes blazing.
"It ended the moment you chose that plastic b***h over me."
"Don't be ridiculous," James dismissed her threat, convinced that she would come crawling back to him within a week, begging for forgiveness and reconciliation.
"I've already made a bad decision, James, and that decision was choosing you, agreeing to marry you," she shot back.
“I shouldn’t have taken you serious when you acted all sweet towards me back in college, I should have just ignored your insignificant self.”
"Just sign the damn thing," she replied coldly, her eyes devoid of any emotion. "I've already moved all my belongings here.
As I said, Lyra will collect the divorce papers once you're done signing it.
Enjoy your miserable life, James." With those final words, she turned on her heels and marched out of the house, slamming the door behind her with a resounding bang.


In a bid to escape her family's oppressive and unhappy life, Clara pretends to be poor and marries a man she believes loves her which results to her being disowned.
But when he cheats on her with a wealthy woman and shows no remorse, Clara serves him divorce papers and returns to her billionaire family.
Back in her affluent world, Clara unexpectedly crosses paths with her ex-fiancé, whom she fled from without a single meeting to marry her now ex-husband.
As Clara’s ex-husband discovers her true identity as a heiress who now runs a multibillion real estate company, he seeks to win her back.
What happens when her ex-fiancé and ex-husband fights for Clara’s love and attention, each with different intention in heart.
Dive into the story of a kickass heroine with me.
Read the full episode to determine the end of this amazing story thank you!


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