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Download Kingsoft Office Professional v8.1


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As many users are switching to the all catching android os the quest for a perfect office editing program has been their ultimate quest Now I wanna take out some time to write little about Kingsoft Office Suite v8.1 especially now that giant google has purchased it making it a completely free app.  Kingsoft Office Suite is a complete user-friendly office suite for Windows that offers a number of features for creating, viewing and editing personal and business documents. Kingsoft Office v8.1 includes Kingsoft Writer, Kingsoft Presentation and Kingsoft Spreadsheet which are compatible with all the latest Microsoft Office formats. Furthermore, Microsoft Office can view and edit all documents created by Kingsoft Office as well. Previously, available only as a paid program, Kingsoft Office Suite  is now a free product.

Kingsoft Office (KSOffice) Writer v8.1
Kingsoft Writer v8.1 is definitely your greatest tool to create professional-looking documents. It can open Microsoft Word files or save your documents as Word files. It enables you to open, view and edit your documents to various file formats as well as the latest Word (.DOCX) file.
Familiar Style, Layout & Functionality with Microsoft Office, that means you can easily transfer Office environment between Microsoft Writer and Kingsoft Writer. Moreover, kingsoft office v8.1 provides powerful functions such as built-in PDF conversion, Document Tab Switching, Diverse Printing Choices, Cross Reference and integrated Google Search toolbar which are not available with Microsoft Office.

Kingsoft Office (KSOffice) Presentation v8.1
Kingsoft Presentation v8.1 helps you to quickly create your multimedia presentation in creative ways to meet your customers? needs. It can open, edit and save as *.ppt, *pps , *pot files (Template) and support *.pptx file (Microsoft Office 2007). Its fully compatibility function enable your presentation to be saved in Power Point formats as well as PDF format effortlessly. Kingsoft Presentation offers a unique function in Double-Screen Extended Mode- the users can show speaker?s view and playing view on different monitors.

What?s New in kingsoft office v8.1
New: Automatic spell checker. A built-in spell checker will automatically proofread the text you enter as you create your documents.
New: Activate and update the software online.
Improved: A new and improved layout allows for much quicker document processing compared to previous versions. Editing the layout, finding and replacing words and inserting pictures are only some of the processes improved by the new layout.

Download kingsoft office for android fromhere

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