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Easily Install / update laptop/desktop drivers offline


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Many tech savvy and geeks like some us often get very much frustrated when presented with some archaic / old pc models like lenovo , ibm , e-machines even some very old dell , accer , hp , lg and samsung as their drivers can't be found easily even when using windows update and some cheap driver download manger .

Just recently I had to format my grandma Compaq pentium 3 desktop and was faced with some kinda difficulty as some of my drivers couldn't work with this very desktop most especially the sound even after downloading some recent version from the internet . The funny part was that I couldn't connect directly to the internet so as to use windows update as she hasn't got any good internet network access .

As I result of this I went back to my residence and just spent about 30mins to look for any better solution before I stumbled upon this site that provided me not only the solution but an all in one drivers solution that installs both old & new model of desktop / laptop computers .


All you need do is go to their official download site  and select the offline version (it's just about 3gb) you can use it for all laptop / desktop brand of computers for easy driver update even without a working internet connection

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