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Easily Share files, documents and apps with friend's directly from facebook


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This only reminds me of the good old days of skype , yahoo messenger , nimbuzz , pidgin , google talk and msn messenger when they use to be the favorites for sharing tools , phone application , .exe softwares , computer apps less than 25mb , music , videos and pictures but where is all that now when about 11% of the world  population is on facebook and can easily make chat with 86% of their real life friend's.

Just recently i felt I should share the tips you can use to share files, attachment and document via facebook after many users of my facebook page requested I tell them of it 'cos I use it too often even while sharing files in our facebook group . Now this is how to share files with friend's via facebook :

1. Log in to your Facebook account and open the chat box of any person you wanna send the files to (you can still do this while already chatting with the friend )

2. In the Chat box, Click on the

" option" icon (as seen in this pix below ) and then  click on "See Full  Conversation"

3.  On the opened page , just below the message window click on ==> add files to attach any document type of your choice , select file (you may wanna zip the files if they are more than 1) and click open . after the progress bar finishes you see your files fully attached ==>

4. hit send or whatever else you may wanna do ==> hit like >>>>

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