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Easter Really Simple Mathematics Challenge 2013---$450 in free gift


Active Techie
This section has been a bit inactive and needs a bit of revival ......
We have decided to offer this little maths challenge to improve the engagement of the mathematicians among us .

We want to spot the best brains amongst us . the Rule of this competition is simple and it's just a single question to be solved in few days.

We want you to make t the subject of the formula in s=ut+(1/2)at2

Rules :

1. Your answer must be submitted only once Using the reply button on this thread
2. No edit allowed after submission
3. Any one that edits his submission gets disqualified immediately
4. Your answer must be submitted not latter than Sat 7th April, 2013
5. you are required to show full working
6. Any one can participate
7. If your submission must be edited then you need to reply again without editing your previous submission


1. You display your brilliancy in this public forum and the world at large
2. It's fun anyway
3. You will be given guide on how to earn big by legally providing solution for students and project Managers
4. You will be part of our $450 splash on free adverts ..... A Permanent page will be created for you and featured for six straight months ... it will not be removed even after the six months
5. You can opt for small recharge card or adverts slot on any of our sites / pages .
6. You 'll earn popularity
7. Many winners will be chosen

we also welcome any suggestion since this is our very first challenge


T=square root of (2S/a).........{because u is normally assumed to be zero when not stated}


De Travel Guru

1. move all right hand-side to left to get the coefficient of t
2. ut+(1/2)at2-s =0
t= u+(1/2)at2/s


let me get my pen and paper sharp sharp  , just saw the announcement in my inbox now


S=ut + [(1/2)at2]
s=ut + at2/2 .(cross multiply to get;
2s=ut + at2.(making t to stand alone,it becomes;
2s=u-ut + a-at2
2s=t + t2
t=root s. OR t=s^1/2



Active Techie
for those of you who are having difficulties spotting out only the question from the text it is :

make t the subject of the formula in s=ut+(1/2)at2

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