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Exchange Mailbox Recovery


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Accidentally, user mailboxes might get deleted from an Exchange database. These mailboxes, however, may need to be restored at some time. We'll teach you how to get Exchange mailboxes back after they've been erased.

On the Exchange Server, deleted mailboxes can be retrieved manually or via third-party software. For recovery, create a user object and connect the user account to the disconnected mailbox. It is only feasible if the mailbox's retention period has not expired.

To restore a deleted mailbox, you must first connect it to a user account. The process is the same for shared mailboxes, linked mailboxes, and resource mailboxes. To do the same, you can use the Exchange admin center (EAC) or the Exchange Management Shell (EMS). Third-party software can also get used to restore data from deleted mailboxes.

You can use any of the manual Exchange Mailbox Recovery techniques to recover deleted mailboxes. You may need to restore deleted mailboxes to Outlook PST, Exchange Server, Microsoft 365, and other platforms on rare instances.

Third-party software, such as Shoviv Exchange Recovery Manager, can be used in this situation. It's a simple, automatic, dependable, and effective approach for recovering and saving deleted mailboxes from Exchange or any other Exchange Server database files. The tool has smart algorithms built-in, allowing for clean and quick data recovery.

Shoviv Exchange Recovery Manager is a powerful Exchange data recovery solution. It allows you to recover entire mailboxes or single items from corrupted. edb files in a fraction of minutes. This software's innovative approach allows restoring corrupted Pub.EDB and Priv.EDB files that have been unavailable on an Exchange server. By downloading the software, you can process the first 50 items in each folder for free.

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