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find out the history of ILUMmINATI "video Inside"


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The first time the word Illuminati was ever written was from the official printingsof the Rosicrucian's. It states " In 1203 B.C. several of the Brothers of the Order who were Illuminati were commissioned to go into other lands and spread the doctrinesby the establishments of other lodges." The origins of the Rosicrucians is still unknown, but what they wrote does exist and so does the Illuminati. However, the word Illuminati faded away and did not appear again until May 1st, 1776.
The Illuminati was founded byAdam Weihaupt who was born on Feb. 6th 1748 in Bavaria. Even though the Illuminati was "New" it's mission was already agreed upon. The mission was the abolition of all monarchical governments and state religions in Europe and it's Colonies. They wanted all of Europe to be a New World Order (NWO.) George Washington was aware of this man. George Washington wrote a letter, which can be found in the Library of Congress. Part of this letter states " It was not my intentionthat the doctrines of the Illuminati.....had not spread tothe United States ..." But, it did.The word Illuminati is not used very much these days because it has changed. It is now called The New World Order.
The power of the NWO is morethen one can even imagine. The social networking site called Facebook is the most used website in the world. As of January, 2011 there were more then 600 million users. In April, 2011 Facebook changed facial recognition tech by default, but did not inform any of the users. Facebook is also being used by the CIA, as I wrote in another hub. The Internet has all the information it needs about you, and even has a picture of your house. Go to the google website, click on maps, type in your address and you will see a picture of your house.
The New World Order is becoming more powerful every day. Presidents have been talking about the NWO, each president has been putting in place laws that take away our freedoms. There are many examples, such as gun control. The newest one was ACLU, but it failed this time, but what about next time?
The power behind the NWO is money . An absolute global monetary system controlled by the wealthiest people in the world. The Presidents, Dictators, and Leaders of othercountries work for them.
On Dec. 31, 2011 Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act. This Act could give him the power to place Martial Law in effect in the U.S.A. which would allow the Military to detain "terror suspects" in the United States without any charges.
The NWO is rising up quickly. In Georgia death row inmates can be put to death with a guillotine. This is HB 1274-Death Penalty Guillotine Provisions. This is interesting because it seems to be foretold in the bible. Revelation 20:4 And I saw on the thrones they that on them. And judgement was given to them, and to the souls of the ones having been beheaded because of the witness of Jesus, and because of the Word of God, who had not worshiped the beast nor it's image, and had not received it's image. The mark on their forehead and on their hand.
The NWO also wants to reducethe population of the earth by 90%, simply because there are too many people on the planet. This, of course would be a step by step process. It is the Population Control Agendaand began in the mid 1970's. The incidents of the AIDS infections, coincides exactly with the locations of the WorldHeath Organization's Small Pox Vaccination Program. ( London Times May 11, 1987) Astriking feature of AlDS is that it has selective rate of infection. The rate of infectionamong Blacks, Latinos, and Native Americans, is twice as high as it is in Whites. When death comes, it comes three time faster to everyone except the Whites.
The NWO is using biological warfare on us, this is as far as they have come. But with all the violence in the world, nation after nation, will we enter into World War Three? How many people will that war kill?
Will The New World Order Win? No they can't, it will be us who will win.
We can fight and win. The more information we share with each other the more power we have. The military will be on our side. They can stop and eliminate the NWO. Believe it or not, We Can Win. We Just have to spread the word, and we can win, after all we are the 99%, they are the 1%. What is more powerful 99% or 1%?

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