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Firesay, Talk and Surf. Simple Way of Surfing Internet with Your Voice!


I know most of the time we just use our finger on almost everything from typing, blogging, googling to facebooking and almost all. But have you ever thought that, would it be great if your beautiful voice could be use to do all the thing while you surfing? You want to know how? We got the answer. Today, speech recognition technology is no longer some fancy technological term and you could find it quite common that most of our daily devices such as computers and mobile phones already integrated with voice command feature.

And in this case, we have Firesay which would allow users to experience a new, more natural, intuitive, and efficient way to get to the web content by just saying the word. For instance, you just need to say ?Search Google 24SevenPost.com? to get to our website instead of typing it. Firesay is a free Firefox add-on that allows users to communicate with the browser via voice commands.
By just attaching a microphone or webcam, Firefox users can add Firesay plug-in to their browser to command and control the browser. Instead of typing, you can use your voice to do search queries, go to the sites you thinking of visit, open or close tabs or browsers and more. This technology will eventually save your time and enhance your browsing experience tremendously.

Firesay Features

    * Save time. With voice commands you can accomplish your browsing tasks several times faster than with traditional navigation methods.
    * View more content. You can hide those Bookmark and History sidebars and let web content fill your screen.
    * Enjoy uninterrupted browsing. No need to switch back and forth between operating navigation UI and viewing web content.

For those of you that is currently using Windows 7 you could try it out right away but you might need to wait a bit longer if  you are using Linux, Mac, or Windows XP as it is not currently supported yet. While on the other hand, this application is quite sensitive to surrounding voice and it is not optimized to work in areas with high-background noise. At this current stage, Firesay only supports a few simple voice commands, e.g. ?Search Google?, ?Open Facebook?, etc. Thisapplication needs more improvement to make it more handy and useful.

Give it a try Download Firesay now! https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/214791/