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Hidden Functions on a Motorola Razr


The Motorola Razr is a series of flip-style cell phones first released by Motorola in 2004. This phone has a slim profile and sold extensively during the four years it was on the market, but was discontinued in favor of the Razr 2 in 2007, though many Razr phones are still in service. Like many other cell phones, the Razr includes several difficult-to-access menus and features, some of which require special codes.
Hidden Diagnostic Screen
The Razr includes a hidden diagnostic screen intended for use by technicians. To access this menu, turn on your Razr phone and press ?#073887*? immediately after the home screen appears. The phone will request a security code. Enter ?000000? and press "OK" to see your phone's diagnostic options.
User Activation Menu
Direct access to the User Activation menu also requires a special code. Enter ?74663#? and press ?CLR? twice. This allows you to access this menu without needing to use the diagnostic or programming menu.
Browser Settings
The browser on your Razr phone is preset to the most common basic settings, which you cannot adjust from the browser itself. To change these settings, press the ?Menu? key, then ?Settings.? Scroll to and choose ?Web Access,? followed by ?Web Sessions.? Highlight your Web access provider, then press the ?Menu? key again. Scroll to ?Edit? and select the entry to open your browser settings menu.
Droid Razr
Motorola also produces the Droid Razr, sometimes simply called the Razr. This device is a smartphone that includes fewer special features than its predecessor. You can, however, hide or uninstall the default apps on a Droid Razr by pressing the ?Menu? button. Select the ?Hidden Apps? button at the top right, then choose which apps you wish to keep and which you want to uninstall.
Changing settings or removing apps on any Razr phone may change the way it works or even disable the phone entirely. Never make a change in the diagnostic screen or delete an app unless you are absolutely sure this is the action you want to take.

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