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How the Proxy servers working ? How it hides our IP Address.


You know that Proxy Servers is able to hide your IP address.  But you may not know what is the process of Server and How it hides the IP address.  This Post will explain it in details.

When we visit website using Proxy Server ,the request is send to Proxy server first.  Then from Proxy server the request will be send to the original Server.    So  The Sever assumes  that  request come from IP address of Proxy server.

Thus a proxy server hides our identity by acting as an intermediary between us and the web server that we are accessing. Suppose we break into a server using a proxy server thinking that we are anonymous. But what if owner of web server starts enquiring about the clients connecting to it using the proxy server  and it is possible that owners of proxy server might  reveal our identity. This means we cant actually rely on proxy servers for being anonymous online.

Here comes the concept of THE ONION ROUTING (TOR) into picture. By using this , the client traffic is supposed to be passed from three different servers or nodes before reaching to actual web server. It may randomly take any path through any three nodes.

Lets consider it has taken path shown by green arrows. Now

* Node 1 knows only actual origin(client) but not actual destinantion(web server).
*Node 5 neither knows actual origin nor actual destinantion.
*Node 9 knows actual destination but not actual origin.

Thus no one exactly knows which client is accessing which web server. So it is highly anonymous.

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