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How to Become a Java Programmer


Java is a popular programming language that James Gosling of Sun developed. Due to the increased availability of the Internet, you can learn to be a Java programmer a number of ways, many from the comfort of your own home. Read on to learn how to become a Java programmer.


        Install a Java programming software. The Java Development Kit is an excellent set of programming tools for writing, debugging and running Java for beginners. Java Development Kit is available to download from the Sun website for free.

        Go through Sun's free Java tutorial on their website. These tutorials range from very basic to specialized trials and lessons.

        Find a good Java programming book to read. "Sam's Teach Yourself Java 2 in 24 Hours, Third Edition" by Rogers Cadenhead is a good choice for those with no programming background. Follow the steps in this book to gain confidence to write your own Java programs.

        Take a Java class. Classes are available online for your convenience, or contact your local university or technical school for available classes. A computer science degree is helpful but not necessary for understanding the programming concept. Also, many employers require specific educational qualifications for Java programming positions.

        Practice writing code. Program every spare moment you have, just for fun. After you have learned the basics, start writing your own programs. Study code from other programmers and ask them questions about their coding strategy.