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How to Cut Your VPS Hosting Cost By Over 50%


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This is how to tremendously reduce your hosting bills by over 50% in 2021 and beyond. Note: This is for serious sites or apps with good traffic and pricey VPS or Dedicated hosting setup. Although it will still work for all kinds of sites, including low-traffic ones.

How to Reduce Your VPS Hosting Cost By Over 50%
  1. Get a 3-year long-term Unmanaged #VPS (minimum of 4GB RAM recommended) from https://3ptechi.es/3rtgsuX or any other top provider.
  2. Ignore Cpanel, Plesk, and other paid add-ons during the server purchase.
  3. Select any Ubuntu version later than 18 during the server setup.
  4. Grab a free trial account at runcloud.io and upgrade to any of their annual paid plans later on.
  5. Connect your new VPS server to Runcloud and install OpenLiteSpeed (or Nginx+Apache hybrid) server on it.
  6. Add a web application (WordPress, Forum App, Laravel App, etc.) and migrate your site/app to it.
  7. Hook up to Runcloud off-site backup services and start enjoying a bloat-free server with Ramped-up resources.
Note: You can ask me anything concerning this setup on this page. I can also help you with the initial setup (if there's anything you don't understand).
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