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How to download songs from raag.fm online streaming site?


Raag.fm is online music streaming website. You can hear latest tamil, hindi, punjabi,urdu songs. In this post , i will explain how to download songs from these type of fm or streaming websites.
How does online music streaming websites works?
The music files are stored in web server of the associated website. When user click the play button of flash player, it will send request to server(but you can't see the actual location of the music file). Server will send the music file as small parts to your system. This file will be stored in your cache of your web browser and played by the flash player. Once you play the music completely , full music will be available in your cache of browser.

how to download music file from online streaming sites?
by searching in the cache folder of browser , you can find the played song.
Mozilla you can find the cache files of firefox in the following path
In Windows 7/Vista:

    C:\ Users\USER_NAME\ AppData\ Local\ Mozilla\ Firefox\ Profiles\xxxx.default\cache

In Windows XP:

    C:\ Documentsand Settings\USER_NAME\ Application Data\ Mozilla\ Firefox\ Profiles\xxxx.default\cache

here USER_NAME specifies your windows user name. xxxx is some numeric value.
Google chrome cache folder
for windows 7,

    C:\Users\ USER_NAME \AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\UserData\Default\Cache

for windows xp,

    C:\Documents and Settings\ USER_NAME \Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome

here USER_NAME specifies your windows user name.

Finding your music file
in cache folder, there will be lot of files. It may hard to find the music file. So let us sort the files by type. Usually the music files has your default music player icon. Now it is easy to find your music file

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