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How to get sms alert on your phone free for each email message you recieve


De Techizard
it is normal to need this feature especially when you are going on vacation now lets talk about the top ways you can get this working free of charge

1. Email to SMS  from http://www.smscountry.com/Email2SMS.asp

With SMSCountry's "Email2SMS", you can easily send SMS to multiple recipients from your mail account. This feature allows you to send Bulk SMS from any E-mail Client/Application to any mobile phone across the globe. So, you need not always logon to your SMSCountry account or stay connected to the internet for sending SMS. This feature can be used for:

    Sending Error/System Alerts automatically to a group of numbers, whenever an event occurs (Server error/ down alert for Systems Engineers, ISPs etc). (To know how look at SMTP API )
    Users who do not have a direct internet connection but are connected to a mail server (like Outlook), which is connected to the Internet.
    Send messages/ job details to colleagues, field-based engineers and support staff, which is away from the office (field force, agents, retailers etc).
    Share the latest information/ appointment reminders with clients and partners

Note - Make sure your text message does not exceed 160 characters. If it exceeds the limit, our system will send the first 160 chracters as the message and the remaining characters will not be included. In case of Language SMS the character limit is 70 characters.
Setting up Email2SMS feature: Configure the E-mail id(s) from which you want to send the email. The default setting is the E-mail id you have provided during the registration process. You can change/add more E-mail ids at any point of time by clicking on the "Edit" link against "Email2SMS Settings" on "My Acoount" page. view demo

This feature enables Users to send SMS Text messages from any E-mail Client/System like Yahoo-mail, Gmail, Hotmail, Rediffmail, Opera-mail etc.

How Email2SMS works
You send an email in the format -recipient's mobile number.senders user [email protected] You can have any subject line as you wish (please note that the subject would not be part of the SMS to be delivered) and the body of the email containing the SMS Text message. Our server receives the E-mail, authenticates the User, extracts the recipients' mobile numbers and the message and then sends out the SMS Text message to all the intended recipients.
For Example:

Destination E-mail address: [email protected], [email protected],[email protected] [email protected],[email protected],
Subject:Testing Email2SMS
Body format of the E-mail: Test SMS Email2SMS New Format
Note1: Most E-mail editors support up to 70 characters per line in the body of the email. We have also incorporated the same in Email2SMS feature and take in the first 70 characters only per line. Hence, please ensure that you don't type more than 70 characters per line and use the "Enter" key to move to the next line.
Note2: Please enter the mobile numbers in the International Standard Format i.e. followed by . For UK mobiles, please enter as 4478xxxxxxxx; for India, please enter as 9198xxxxxxxx; for UAE, please enter as 97150xxxxxxx etc.

2. Setup the auto alert from your gmail settings user screen

The whole thing is fairly simple. I am pretty sure some of you have been using it already.

First you need to get free email to SMS gateway for your mobile carrier. If you didn?t get it last time you can easily do so now. The page lists email-to-sms gateways for 10 major US carrier and lots of international ones.

Once you have the email for your mobile number (say [email protected]), simply login to your Gmail account and go straight to Settings -> Filters tab. Now, there are two ways to use this.
1- Get SMS Alerts for Emails from Specific Addresses

The first way is to setup SMS alerts for emails coming from certain people or places that you consider important. These can be emails from your employer, bank, hosting provider, site uptime tracker etc.

Create new filter and enter the email address for which you want to receive SMS alert.


Click on ?Create Filter? and you?re done. Next time you receive email from that address you?ll also get SMS message with about first 150 characters of the email. As simple as that.

2- Get SMS For Urgent Emails If You?re Away

Say you?re on holiday and don?t want to be bugged with regular work related emails. However at the same time you want to make sure that when it?s something really urgent people can reach you.

Here is what you can do. First create an auto-responder message (see in Setting -> General) that looks something like the one below.

Then go to ?Filters? tab and setup a forward filter for it. As you can see, in the above auto-responder message I provided sender with option to reach me by simply emailing me again using ?urgent? in the subject line.

As soon as email hits your inbox you will get it texted to your mobile.


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