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I am facing extreme difficulty in getting back data that was enclosed with my Impress .ODP file. Can you suggest some helpful tips or tool that can help me to get back data from corrupted .ODP file?


New Techie
Open Office Impress is called as an effectual option that helps to formulate presentations. Using Open Office Impress, you can generate multimedia presentation that?s rich in animations, special effects, etc. It facilitates users to form slides such as graphics or text to symbolize key attribute in staging. This can also be utilized in concurrence with projectors that permit users to arrive at out for great spectators. It is very alike to MS PowerPoint and can also handle PowerPoint and ODP files both. It is extensively used for classrooms, personal as well as business purposes.
Various reasons could lead to corruption and inaccessibility of ODP file like hardware errors, abrupt computer shutdown, virus attack, etc. Some general error messages which you receive when Impress.odp file gets damaged are:
? ?file.odp? is corrupt and therefore cannot be opened?.
? ?Error message: ?NetRender.odp error.?
? ?Error message: ?Presentation gone.?
? ?The file ?file.odp? could not be repaired and therefore cannot be opened.?
? ?The file Slide show.odp is corrupt and therefore cannot be opened.?
? ?Error reading file.?
If you have back-up then you can excape corruption scenario but if you lack back-up then OpenOffice Impress Repair Tool will be the most recommended option to repair corrupt impress .odp file. This repair tool can fix extremely corrupt .odp files and that also in matter of minutes. All lost data like animations, graphics, illustrations, etc will be restored. This repair and recovery helps in maintaining original formatting at same time. Using OpenOffice Impress Repair Tool, can let you preview data that?s retrieved from damaged OpenOffice Impress files.



Get ODP recovery Software and repair all corrupt OpenOffice Impress files in less time. You have various option available in web that you can use to repair corrupt ODP file and SysInfoTools ODP Recovery Tool is one of them.

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