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How To Stop Whatsapp From Connecting To The Internet At All Time in S60 & S40 Phones!!!


A new way to stop Whatsapp from connecting to the internet
all the time has come to my mind. Only in iphone it disconnects as you close the app. In other mobiles it keeps the server running in the background even when you exit the app. This causes data usage and battery drain.
One way is to create a password to the internet access point, this is good but whatsapp keeps on
requesting for connection every five (5) minutes and you have to press the cancel button to deny connection to it.
A new way is install an antivirus with firewall &and put whatsapp in untrusted apps list. Don't forget to put the firewall in On mode. Then it will kill the app. for this purpose any antivirus will
do so, even if it is a free version will work, i'm using netquin free version.
Now when you want whatsapp to connect open the antivirus- goto firewall settings-set whatsapp as trusted app. now click on whatsapp icon and it can connect to the internet all the time.
When u wish to discontinue again go to settings and set it as untrusted app. And your work is done!!!