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HP BRAVE: First HP Android Smartphone Revealed(Images).

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Su-yin Yam, Hewlett- Packard Executive made it know to the press few weeks ago that the company is working on a new smartphone that will offer truly different and compelling features when compared to the numerous smartphones in the Technology Market. Yam did not state it clearly when the talked about upcoming device which is expected to be the envy of every smartphones available on the market will be launched, However,Meg Whitman expressed it that last year Hp has no plan to debut a smartphone in 2013. Meg Whitman is the Hewlett-Packard CEO.
Meanwhile a new leaked image published by PhoneArena supposedly reveals clearly that the HP smartphone we expect is and Android smartphone in the works of HP but there are suggestions that the HP smartphone might debut sooner than we expect. Though in the image published by PhoneArena, there is no clear view of the phone but from what was seen, it shows a device that looks like a stock android a great design that looks like an Apple iPhone 5.
When inquiry was made from the HP company about how true is this news, HP spokesperson responded:READ HIS RESPONSE HERE:
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