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Is There a Way to Delete "Happenings" From My Backflip?


The Motorola Backflip is an Android phone offered through AT&T. Various applications termed "widgets" allow users to view current news, read emails and connect with social networking sites. The Happenings widget reflects activity in Twitter, MySpace and Facebook accounts. Major activity on those sites can lead to a cluttered Backflip and drain battery use with constant updates, so users may choose to delete the app by following a simple procedure.
Delete Widget
To delete the Happenings widget from the Backflip, touch and hold the Happenings icon on the phone's main screen. You will feel a slight vibration when the phone detects that you want to move the icon. Without lifting your finger, drag the picture to the trash can on the phone, which usually appears in the bottom left corner of the screen. When the trash icon turns red, release your finger to delete the Uninstall
If you downloaded the Happenings app to your phone, use the uninstall option to completely erase the app. To uninstall, touch the menu button on the bottom far left of the phone that looks like four little boxes. Then open "Settings," "Applications" and then "Manage Applications." A list pops up that names all the apps on your phone that you can manage from this screen. Touch the "Happenings" icon and then hit "Uninstall" when it appears.
Backflip users can also uninstall the downloaded Happenings app through the Applications tab, which is the yellow box at the bottom of the screen. Touch the tab and scroll until you find the "Market" icon. Open "My Downloads" to see the list of apps available and select the Happenings app. The choices at the bottom of the screen are Open and Uninstall. Touch "Uninstall." The phone prompts you to confirm your choice; click on "OK." This option then allows users to explain why they want to delete the app. Select one of the choices and touch "OK." Previously installed apps appear in this menu, but only those currently on the phone say "Installed" next to them.
Remove Networks
If you want to reduce the number of notifications through Happenings without completely deleting the app, adjust the settings. To stop receiving information from one particular social network, touch the Happenings widget to open it. Touch and hold the icon for the network you want to remove. A menu will pop up asking if you want to "Open Account" or "Remove Account." Choosing "Remove Account" eliminates the sync to that social network and erases current Happenings on the phone associated with that network.

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