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Learn to use Whatsapp on iPad ,iPod touch and computer


De Techizard
The trend of ipad devices not having support for whatsapp "people's favorite" continued even till the current Ipad three this is my reason for coming up with this tutorial , just follow this steps carefully
First of all you surly needs download:
iPhone Configuration Utility for windows here http://support.apple.com/kb/dl1466
iPhone Configuration Utility for mac here http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1465
Connect your iPad or iPod touch to your computer, and then download Whatsapp  for iPhone on your computer using iTunes.
Next run the iPhone Configuration Utility downloaded earlier on your computer. Click on the icon for your connected iPad.
Click on the application tab at the top of the screen, and click on add, then browse and locate the Whatsapp earlier downloaded. Its normally located on the mobile application folder under iTune media.
Then install the Whatsapp application, on successful installation Whatsapp will appear on your iPad?s springboard.
After installation, open Cydia and look for WhatsPad in the Big Boss repository. Then launch the installed Whatsapp and complete the registration just like you do on phone. A 3 digit pin will be sent to you via SMS. Since the app is designed for iPhone and iPod Touch, you could use FullForce Cydia app to force it to utilize all the pixels on your iPad screen.

Now hope this was very simple ? similar steps is what you will use if you want to run whatsapp on your computer "maybe for the fun of it"
First search for pc emulator for mobilez
then download any one of your choice of based on the os
download whatsapp via the emulator menu and use

Note:  use a valid phone number for your registration since the activation code will be sent to the number you used while registering your Whatsapp.


Wats App.. Just love the concept...
I already using it in my Android phone.......


I hope u did't have any prob.. n if so then u can contact me over here any time....


Sorry, didn't get you, what you exactly wanna convey?????

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