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Make money online selling your old but decent blog


Active Techie
Once you have your blogs up and running earning steady money it?s a great option to sell
Now don?t think your bogs have to be earning thousands of dollars every month to sell...
You can sell blogs making $50 per month.

Any STB that has been earning $50 or more for 2-3 months consistently should be sold on at
this point for at least $300. This will then provide you money to invest in your LTB without
having to find this money personally. It can be used for anything from a blog re-design and
branding, to link building or outsourcing.
Here are the best places to sell your blogs either signally or as a network.
I would strong suggest that you aim to sell STBs on Digital Point as it is free. Only move sites
up to Flippa if they are earning over $100 per month as out aim is to hit $1000 for these
All LTB?s should be sold on Flippa.
Now, when you?re getting ready to sell your blog you can expect to get anywhere from 6 to
12 months profit for it. I wouldn?t sell a blog for less than 6 months revenue as it doesn?t
make any sense to let profitable blogs or websites go for this cheap. If you have a network
of blogs then you may also be able to approach an existing large business in the blog?s same
market and sell to then for even a few years profit.
Here are 3 steps you need to take before selling...
3)Maximize Your Revenue... Because you get a sale price based on your recent profits
then it only makes sense to make the extra effort to increase your blogs revenue.
The easiest way to do this is to make sure all the link places on your blog are sold. To
do this go to existing advertisers offering a discount and post in the buy/sell links
forum on DigitalPoint offering a special offer to get the links sold.
You can also take on extra reviews or promote extra products to your list to increase
2) Make Sure Your Traffic Is Growing... No one wants to buy a site or blog that is falling and
traffic declining. Buyers will be looking for blogs that are growing and still have lots of
potential. This is why it?s important to put some extra work in the month and even
two/three months before the sale to make your blog pit this pattern and show growth.
You need to make sure your traffic stats are growing, Alexa ranking is increasing, Backlinks
are building and your RSS readers are growing.
Do some extra marketing including social bookmarketing, article marketing and even try and
get to guest post on some popular blogs.
3) Depersonalize Your Blog... When you first think about selling your blog which can even
be the minute your creating you should take steps not to personalize the blog to you too
much. By having a blog that is too personal it will be extremely difficult to sell for good
price. Buyers want to be able to take over the running of the blog quickly and easily so it
makes sense that they?ll pay more the easier it is.
Here a few things you can do to help:
- Use a pseudonym (pen name)
- Have guest writers on your blog
- Promote using sub accounts (article directories/forums etc)
- Don?t use pictures of yourself or friends/family
- Don?t put personal details too much on the blog
So they?re the 3 techniques to maximize your sale price.
It?s also a good idea to start with the end in mind, meaning you should know if you?re
planning on selling your blog/s when you first set them up as you?ll need separate hosting
accounts, Autoresponder accounts etc to make it easy to transfer the blog or blog network.