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Mommy, Where Is Daddy? The Forsaken Daughter’s Return AC1 Novel PDFs Free Download/Read Online


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Mommy, Where Is Daddy? Mommy-Where-Is-Daddy-The-Forsaken-Daughters-Return-AC1.jpg
The Forsaken Daughter’s Return AC1 Novel Synopsis

"Dad, please... I really don't know who he was - Ahhh!" A slap went across Samantha's face and it came from her beloved father.
The man that used to adore her and treated her like a princess, had hurt her for the first time in her life! "Winfield, stop it!
She is your daughter!" Matilda, her grandmother, covered Samantha's frame, embracing her of protection.
Winfield Davis may be a father, but he was the most fearful General of the country's military arms. With his bare hands and flaming rage, he was capable of causing damage to his own daughter.

"What kind of woman are you? Have I not raised you well?!" Scolded the General.
He grabbed on to Samantha's jaws and clenched his fingers on her crying face.

"I turned the military camp upside down! No one - and I repeat! No one owned up to being the father of your child!"
He was about to slap Samantha again when Matilda pleaded, "Stop this! We can't do anything about it! It's already done.
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Chapters 7 onwards are very hard to read, could we please have them uploaded like the other chapters please?