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Motorola Outs Atrix HD, Its First Phone Under Google


Motorola has just leaked the Atrix HD, the company's first new Android phone as a Google subsidiary, seemingly by accident.

A page on Motorola's website showed an image of the Atrix HD, along with specs. The page has since vanished.

The device's specs include a 4.5-inch display with 720p resolution, a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 8GB of built-in storage, 1GB of RAM, an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera, and a 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera. Judging from the name and logo pictured on the front of the device, it will be an AT&T phone and a follow-up to the Atrix 2, which launched last fall.

In terms of design, the Atrix HD looks a lot like the Droid RAZR, with a slim 0.33-inch profile, Kevlar-coated back, and a hump where the camera resides. Unlike the RAZR, the Atrix HD uses software navigation buttons similar to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Motorola's website said the Atrix HD will run Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), not Android 4.1. The phone appears to be skinned with some light user interface modifications, and includes the same Smart Actions app that debuted in the Droid RAZR last year.
As Engadget has reported, Motorola may also be readying a <a href="http://www.engadget.com/2012/06/08/motorola-droid-razr-hd-backside-possibly-leaked/">RAZR HD</a> for Verizon and a <a href="http://www.engadget.com/2012/07/03/motorola-photon-q-lte-fcc/">Photon Q LTE</a> for Sprint. I'd be surprised if Google doesn't eventually tap Motorola to build some pure Android handsets, but so far there's nothing on the radar.

As for the Atrix HD, there's no word yet on a price or release date. Expect AT&T to weigh in on those matters soon.
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