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MTN Nigeria Hourly Plan Codes Splendid?


De Techizard
Users often exceed their data limits
before its expiry date even without
downloading any file - Its just annoying
when you subscribe for a 250MB plan at
N1300 and its finished within 1 week.
The New MTN SIMPLE SURF plan seems to
be a solution to the data limit problems.
This is not really a first as Starcoms and
others have similar hourly plans but their
service coverage is very limited.
About MTN Nigeria Simple Surf Plan
The New MTN simple surf is Charged
HOURLY instead of amount of data used,
this gives users total control of their time
and amount spent online. You can subscribe
to MTN Simple surf from as low as 2 hours
to send or receive an email, download a file,
or video chat with a friend. Since it has a 2
days validity - you can use 1 hour, Logout
and use the remaining hour the next day.
You might also choose the 300 hours plan to
use at the office everyday (12 hours a day)
- which will likely last over a month.
MTN Nigeria Simple surf subscription
activation codes:
To subscribe for Any of the packages below
- Text the Required code to 131
2 HOURS at N250 - TEXT 2H to 131
(2days Validity)
20 HOURS at N1,500 - TEXT 20H to 131
(7 Days Validity)
100 HOURS at N5,000 - TEXT 100H to
131 (30 Days Validity)
300 HOURS at N13,000 - TEXT 300H to
131(90 Days Validity
NOTE: To save hours - Remember to
Disconnect Your Modem while not in use.. or
turn off Your Edge / 3G on mobile when not

I am currently cruising on mtn hourly plan on my uncle's mini cafe hope you gotta enjoy this