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Multiple users Can now use One adsense account "Learn how"


De Techizard
Undisputed is the fact that  Google AdSense is the leading and most popular ad service that bloggers make use of. It can be used with any Blogger or self-hosted blog or website, and is indeed a major source of income for most bloggers. Previously, Google AdSense could only be accessed by one account, which cause problems for blogs that are run by more than one person, because revenue-sharing is a critical issue. To achieve that end, Google has just released multiple accounts integration with Google AdSense. Now, you can share your AdSense account with your friends, family, or business partners. You can use access levels to control who gets what sort of authority in your AdSense account. In this tips you will definitely learn  how you can send invites, and give multiple access levels to people you want to share revenue or add your adsense code to their websites or blog.

definitely as it is you will have to send an invite to someone if you want to grant them access to your account. You can grant users with either of the two access levels, Standard or Administrator. Both these users can view, edit, or manage any part of that account. But here are the differences.
Standard users can't see a list of users who have access to that account while Administrators can.
Administrators can give out account access and change a user's access level, but standard users can not.

To invite a user to your account, simply sign into your AdSense account and then under your Home tab, open up Account Settings from the left panel.

Go to Access and authorization, and fill in email addresses in the Users with sign in access section. Now simply click on Invite. The user will be added with status pending until they accept your invite.

This Users with sign in access section will list all the users that have access to your account.

N/B For someone to to able to access your account, they need to have a Google Account. Furthermore, people who already have Google AdSense accounts of their own can't access other accounts.

To stop someone from accessing your account, simply go to Access and authorization in your Account Settings. In the Users with sign in access section, you will see a cross (x) button next to each user. Clicking on this cross will result in the user's removal. That user will be notified of this change via email, so no secret here :)

Also from the same section, you can change access level for any user. By default, all users are Standard, with the Administrator box unchecked. Checking this box for a user will provide them Administrator privileges, while unchecking this box will reduce their privileges.