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On who Can the Nigerian Team depend on?

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Do not read further if you wont comment plssss

Yes we all no d nations cup os few days from now ,and our reps over there hs been made know to all without Osazee Odemwingie cos of the Misunderstanding btw him and d coach

My question now is who can we actually bank on as our main man?
As far as am concern Osazee is the only player that i see plays with the whole of his mind

So who are you banking on? Mikel"???

ur opinion plss



obasimiracle said:
precious said:
gadgetwinch said:
zeal said:
Victor Moses for me should be a player to watch

I even had on my mind,but am realy worried cos am sure we wont go far in the competition
I share same worry 'cos I don't see Nigeria going far , I also wanted Osaze to be in the team

That is what they have refused to know .Osazees absence from the Nations cup means alot.Its like JJ and Kanu not in a team

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