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Procedure to Fix windows xp after Virus Attack?


There are several free tool in the market that can help you to fix your windows xp after virus attacks. Let me introduce a software named as "QUICK FIX". This will fix your windows xp after virus attack


1. Enable Task Manager
2. Enable Registry

3. Enable Folder Options
4. Restore missing run dialog
5. Enable Command Prompt(cmd)
6. Stop My Documents to open at start up
7. Restore Device manager.
8. Fix Delay at start up.

Download it from : http://www.ziddu.com/download/13094582/QuickFix.zip.html


New Techie
My Windows XP computer has broken down multiple times due to a multitude of viruses infecting it and to be honest; it becomes really annoying. However I learnt a few tricks so you don't loose everything. Run a full backup of your files regularly so you have a spare when it breaks down. Set your security program to daily scans and be aware of what you are downloading. These tips will help prevent any problems with your computer and help you if you do have any virus related problems. :)

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